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10 bourecks with bechamel sauce

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(2 persons)

- 2 chicken breasts or turkey.
- 2 small cans of tuna.
- flour.
- skimmed milk.
- a little water.
- butter.
- 10 sheets of pastry.
- oil.


... Make
first heat the turkey cutlets. .
Meanwhile, prepare the bechamel sauce: put butter in a saucepan and pour the flour. mixing while adding little by little milk so that there are no lumps, it must be thick béchamel preference. .
Then pour the steak; before breaking up the tuna.

Mix everything (with a little parsley if wanted).

Cut filo sheets in half. Take them vertically (like a half-moon). Y place about a farce range by pastry sheet. Finally roll but so that the stuffing does not leak.

Take a crepe pan and pour oil there. When it crackles, immerse the boureks for frying. Turn them occasionally until the browning.
. In order to do not the oil binds in boureks,positioning them vertically in a sieve or in a basket fryer .

Notes: You can if you want to put Paris mushrooms in place of tuna.


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