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2 creams wonderful to

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- 6 egg whites.
- 375 g of powdered sugar.
- 50 cl full cream "special whipped."
- 250 g butter.
- 200 g of dark chocolate pastry for chips.
- pastry 4 tablespoons cocoa powder soup.
- 260g icing sugar.
- 50 g icing sugar (for decoration).


Preheat oven to 130 ° C (gas mark 4). Remove the butter from the refrigerator and put the cream in the freezer .

On parchment paper, draw three circles by using a plate as a template. Beat the egg whites until very stiff (it should remain stuck in the bowl when you return it). Add sugar into 5 or 6 times, while continuing to beat: the mixture becomes syrupy (consistency of marshmallow cream). Cover the circles drawn on the parchment paper. Bake 3 hours without changing the temperature. The finished baking, gently peel off the parchment paper, taking care not to break and cool .
Prepare chips. Grate 1 dark chocolate plate with grater mixer. . .. Book
Prepare the butter cream: Cut the softened butter into small pieces and beat with an electric mixer. Gradually add 75 g sugar glace. Then add, while continuing to beat, 2 tablespoon (s) tablespoons of cocoa powder. Taste and adjust the sugar and cocoa dosage if necessary. The butter cream is ready. . The book at room temperature (without concern for the spread) .
Establish the chocolate whipped cream: exit 50 cl cream from the freezer and beat with an electric mixer immediately. After several minutes, the cream thickens and rises Chantilly. The long fight for it to be very firm. Sprinkle, still beat the 130g remaining icing sugar. Add, while continuing to beat, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Take the meringue circle the thicker (and therefore the strongest) and place it on a flat paddock. The coat on the top only, with a layer of whipped cream. Ask a 2nd meringue disk on the cream and repeat. Overlap the 3rd circle ending with butter cream. Coatthe cake thus formed completely with a thin layer of cream remaining remaining butter (top and sides). Sprinkle with grated chocolate (top and sides). Finally, sprinkle with icing sugar .

Notes: The recipe is not difficult, but the fact of cooking the meringue, it is quite long. By cons, this dessert is a guaranteed success! This "throws" and visually gustatorily. It has become a classic Christmas meal and calls me if the one year, I do not worry.


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