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2 salmon lasagna with goat

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(2 persons)

- Lasagna plates (about 3 floors).
- 2 pavements of fresh salmon.
- 6 slices of smoked salmon.
- 1 shallot.
- 1 onion.
- 1 half buche goat.
- 1 stock cube.
- 25 cl of white wine.
- olive oil.
- grated cheese.


Sauté the shallot and chopped onion in olive oil .
When they are browned, add the white wine and let evaporate. . Meanwhile make the broth and add a ladle when the wine is evaporated. Reduce heat and repeat 3 times .

Add goat cheese and let melt over low heat always .

Cut the smoked salmon into strips and fresh salmon cubes .

bottom of the dish put a layer of sauce, a plate of lasagna, fresh salmon, smoked salmon. Repeat until you have left the area. Finish with grated gruyere .

In preheated oven at 180 ° C (gas mark 6) for 20 minutes.

Notes: Serve with green salad. Recommended wines: white wine


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