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2 salmon rillettes with Ginger

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(8 people)

- 300 g of fresh salmon.
- 180 g smoked salmon (the falls).
- 1 stirred yoghurt.
- 75 g fresh cheese.
- 1 lemon (for the juice).
- 1 bunch of chives.
- 1 teaspoon fresh ginger.
- 1 pinch of pepper.
- 1 sprig of thyme (not required but adds flavor).


Squeeze the lemon and keep the bark. Chop chives .

Poach fresh salmon in a liter of water added with the lemon rind and thyme .

Exit bath and let cool and break with a fork by removing skin and bones .

Mix intimately poached salmon and smoked salmon with a fork .

Add juice lemon, yogurt, fresh cheese, chopped chives and pepper (3 or 4 mill towers) and ginger .

Refrigerate at least one hour is better fresh ..

Serve as an aperitif in a pretty bowl, garnish with chives, a slice of lemon, and a plate of bread slices dried in the oven the night before to be able to spread.

Notes: I find ginger jar, mashed, but you can also use grated fresh ginger, for against powder that does not give the same taste citronné.Surtout not mix the robot, it would give a kind of cream that one can only call "rillettes". Do not salt! With these amounts, you will get a large ramekin rillettes that should settle about eight people.


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