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3 Cheese Fritters (Beureg)

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(8 people)

- 1 kg flour.
- 3 eggs.
- 1 natural yoghurt.
- 1 jar (yoghurt pot) with warm water.
- 3 tablespoons of oil.
- salt.
- 2 cups of feta.
- 2 goat cheese.
- 200 g grated cheese.
- parsley.


Prepare the dough:.
In a bowl, pour the flour. Make a well and add the eggs, yogurt, water, salt and oil. Knead with your hands. If the dough sticks to your hands, do not worry, add a little flour.

Then have a ball with the dough and wrap it with a damp cloth.

Then in a bowl, grate the cheese, salt and pepper, add a little parsley.

Roll out the dough, neither too thin nor too thick, make circles in the center of which you drop some cheese (do not add too much because the donuts may burst the cooking). Fold the circle and close by flattening with the branches of a fork. You must moisten the sides so that the dough can close.

Heat the oil and cook the donuts until a nice golden color appears. Bon appetit !!

Notes: This dish, of Armenian origin, and great served with a simple green salad. I admit that the preparation is a bit long but the donuts freeze and are really excellent. Recommended wines:: burgundy


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