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3 Cheese Pizza

Very easy / Cheap
Prep time:
Cooking time:
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(4 people)

- 1 pizza dough.
- 1 goat cheese along.
- 1 small tomato sauce jar.
- 1 Roquefort.
- 1 small bag of mozzarella.
- 1 bag of 250 grams of grated cheese.
- salt, pepper.


Roll out the pizza dough in a pie dish, prick with a fork, spread the tomato sauce over the dough.

Cut goat cheese slices and mozzarella also cut thin slices of Roquefort.

Place cheese alternately (a slice of goat cheese, a mozzarella, a Roquefort).

Cover with grated cheese.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Oven thermostat 7 (210 ° C) for 1/2 hour and more if necessary .

Notes: This is a good pizza with good thickness; easily eat for those who like cheese. We can do it with any cheese. In general, it is successful.


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