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3 bean salad

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(6 persons)

- 300 g of frozen green beans.
- 300 g dried white beans.
- 180 g grows mung bean (bean sprouts).
- 100g feta.
- 50 g rocket.
- 50 g sprockets.
- 1 tablespoon dill.
- 8 tablespoons of olive oil.
- 1 untreated lemon.
- 3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
- 1 tablespoon sugar.
- 1 teaspoon mustard.
- salt.
- pepper.


The day before, place the beans in cold water and bring the water temperature very gradually (for 45 minutes) to boiling (the beans must be reassembled at all the surface). Turn off the heat, cover and allow to cool and soak for 24 hours .

The same day, change the water and repeat the temperature rise of the water very gradually (for 45 minutes) to boil, then cook for 1 hour salting generously after 30 minutes of cooking. Drain the beans and let cool .

Meanwhile, cook the green beans in boiling water according to the instructions of the bag, drain and let them cool .. < br />
Expand the feta into cubes .

Recover the lemon zest and half of its juice .

Drain mung bean sprouts .
. In a saladier, mix green beans, white beans, mung beans, arugula, feta and pine nuts .
. In a bowl, emulsify with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, sugar, dill, lemon juice and zest. Salt and pepper .

Pour this dressing over the contents of your bowl and mix .

Serve immediately.

Notes: You can to go faster, use canned white beans, but these will be held as well in your salad.


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