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3 cheese samosa Reunion

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(16 samosas)

- 8 sheets of brick.
- 200 g of fresh cheese.
- 50g parmesan.
- 50 g Reblochon (or grated cheese but attention is fatter).
- 3 tablespoons olive oil.
- 1 pinch of masala.
- 2 peppers.
- salt.
- pepper.
- margarine.
- Optional: 200 g bacon.


2 Cut peppers into thin slices and diced Reblochon Small
.. In a bowl, prepare the stuffing:.

Stir with a spoon squares fees, Parmesan cheese, Reblochon (or grated cheese), olive oil with a little salt and pepper and chillies and masala. Chill .

If you want meat, fry the bacon in a pan with a knob of butter and add them to your farce. .
We start folding samosas.
Cut into 2 round pastry sheet. You get an arc you brush with a little egg yolk using a pastry brush. Fold the round edge against the flat edge: you get a belt. Fold the left side to the right, so as to form a top of the triangle. Go on, then, before closing the samosa, put the stuffing. For ironsamoussa the sea, put the yolk .
. In order to cook, you can fry them, but personally, I prefer cooked in a pan, I think it is much less fat .
. In order for a cooking stove, put a little oil and brown the samosas on each side.

I advise you not to garnish, your samosas may burst .

Notes: I advise you not to garnish, they may explode Recommended wines: water


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