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3 choco cake

Not so easy / Cheap
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(8 People)

- 1.2 l of milk.
- 400 g flour.
- 410 g of sugar.
- 8 eggs.
- baking powder.
- 200 in milk chocolate.
- 200 g dark chocolate.
- 200 g white chocolate.
- 2 packets of vanilla sugar.
- 20 cl cream (liquid or semi-solid).


Above all, this cake is born of my own thinking. Any criticism will be good to take so I can improve myself .
For the cake:..
Preheat your oven to 180 ° C (gas mark 6).

Beat 2 eggs, add 1 glass of milk and powdered sugar 2 glasses. Mix well, then add 3 glasses of flour with the yeast. Add the melted chocolate 200g milk .

Rotate to get a smooth paste, then pour into a mold. Bake for 40min .
For the ganache:..
Pour 200g of cream in a saucepan. Heat and add 200g of dark chocolate and vanilla sugar 2sachets. Continue to heat slowly. Let rest in the fridge the remaining preparations .
pastry white chocolate cream..
Heat 1L of milk in a saucepan. Meanwhile, beat 6oeufs. Stir in 130g of sugar and 8 cflour uillères. Add 4 sachets of vanilla sugar. When milk is hot, mix in the preparation, and continue to do so by mixing heat, until it hardens. .
Cake assembly:.
Cut the cake (cooled) in two. Put the pastry cream in a layer of 1.5 cm, then close the 2nd part of the cake. Put the ganache all around. You can decorate with what you want .


Notes: This cake requires some time to cool off. It will be more practical to do everything in order for the recipe.


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