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3 gourmet salad and diet colors

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(2 persons)

- 500g fresh green beans (canned or anyone in a hurry).
- 1 small can chickpeas (400g).
- 2 small slices of salmon / smoked trout.
- olive oil.
- salt and pepper.
- optional: the feta.


This recipe is very simple, takes only a few minutes of preparation and is especially tasty and diet!

Hull the beans (if they are not already), wash .

Cook in plenty of boiling salted water beans for 30min .

Meanwhile, cut into small pieces trout or smoked salmon (and feta if you chose to) .
. < br /> Once the beans are cooked, rinse them thoroughly with cold water to cool. Pat with a paper towel to absorb the water .
Mix in a bowl. Beans cut into 2 pieces of trout / salmon, drained chickpeas (and celebrated).

Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper and it's ready!

The salad is hearty but terribly balanced! The perfect duo.


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