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4 Hours

Easy / Cheap
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(6 persons)

- 100 g marshmallows.
- 100 g chocolate chips.
- 100 g soft butter cookies or "cat tongues".


. In a flat bake more or less depending on your appetite and especially covered with a nonstick coating, put the chocolate chips on the bottom, single thickness ..

Arrange marshmallows vertical, one next to the other, until it fills the dish .

in preheated oven at 200 ° C (gas mark 6 / 7) for 15 min .. Maximum

Serve hot! (Chocolate Attention 200 ° C from the oven, especially to serve dessert to children).

Notes: The marshmallows will constitute a blow that falls, that's normal. Warning it is hot! Recommended wines: fruit juice or sweet white wine


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