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4 cheese macaroni

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(6 persons)

- 500 grams of macaroni.
- 200 g blue (or blue cheese).
- 150 g mimolette.
- 150 g cheese raclette or Port-Hi.
- 100 g of cheese.
- 15 cl cream.
- 4 tablespoons of chopped parsley.
- grated nutmeg.
- salt and pepper.


Cut the cheese into small cubes .
Put cheese and cream in the bowl of a saucier, add pepper and nutmeg. melt on thermostat 2 for 20 min (otherwise use a water bath) .

Meanwhile, cook the macaroni in plenty of salted boiling water .

Drain pasta and place in a serving dish, pour the melted cheese, sprinkle with chopped parsley, stir well and serve immediately .

Notes: and can be used all kinds of cheese, it is a practical way to get rid of the remains.


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