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4 glasses succulent Express

Very easy / Cheap
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(4 people)

- 2 small Swiss natures.
- 1 small brown jar of cream.
- 2 puddings with vanilla Danette kind.
- 2 white foams coconut (Mouss'Coco).
- 2 chocolate mousses.
- orange marmalade or apricot jam (the 2 are very good).
- 2 or 3 apples.
- brown sugar (or normal if not).
- 5 shuffleboard Breton cake or whatever.
- whipped bomb.
- Optional: If we, small colored beads for decoration (which eat ... !!!).


Attention in the ingredients, I talk about small pots bought in stores all ready, you just put it all together, as I will explain below ..

So nothing is easier and better, all is to the right chords! For each recipe, you can fill 4 small glasses .

After each preparation, well put the glasses in the fridge until serving .

Jar n 1:.
- 1/2 chestnut cream
- 1/2 small Swiss Nature
-.... .. deco beaded
it's over
Jar 2:
- 2/3 danette vanilla!.....
- 1/3 foam coconut
-.. beaded deco
it's over <..!. br />
Jar 3:
- 1/3 marmalade or apricot jam
- 2/3 foam..... Chocolate
-.. beaded deco
it's over
Jar # 4 :
-cut apples into cubes, fry about 15 minutes over low heat in a saucepan with a little water and brown sugar .

When there is more liquid than apples began to soften and caramelize, put 1/3 in each glass .
. - grate the cookies with a simple grater, and put a little over apples
-...!.. and when serving just put some whipped cream and beaded decor
and it's over

Quick Dessert, delicious and impressive, what could be better?!


Notes: For small hands that can not cook ... surprise assured! Nice dessert, diners are delighted because it is original and very good and above all, super easy to make! The recipe with our own custard can also make our own chocolate mousse ... but as it takes only very small amounts, it's not worth the time, it's very good like that. Recommended wines: Champagne for everyone!


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