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5 vegetables and mushrooms pie

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(6 persons)

- 1 puff pastry.
- 300 g carrots.
- 1 small cauliflower.
- 2-3 large mushrooms of Paris.
- 1 small red pepper.
- 100 g green beans.
- 2 courgettes.
- salt, pepper, nutmeg.
- 1 tablespoon lemon.
- butter for the mold.
- 2 eggs.
- 20 cl cream.


Peel the carrots, detailing cauliflower into florets, clean the mushrooms. Wash peppers, cut into quarters, remove the stalk and the white parts, cut it into strips .

Clean the beans, cut into sticks.

Cut carrots and zucchini (unpeeled) into thin slices .

Blanch all the vegetables except mushrooms, 3-4 minutes to the salt water ... they must remain al dente .

Allow to cure briefly mushrooms with lemon juice, some alone and water, cut into slices ..

Roll dough, garnish with a plate of about 30cm in diameter, prick several times with a fork .

Beat together eggs, cream, salt, pepper and nutmeg .

Ranger carrots around the edge of the pie, then superimpose the zucchini to form a second row. Continue the same with the autvegetables res. Arrange the mushrooms in the middle .

In preheated oven at 200 ° C, bake 10 minutes, then spread half of the egg-cream machine. After 5 minutes, distribute the remaining liquid .
. After 20-40 minutes of cooking in total, remove the pie .

Notes: Serve hot with a salad verte.les any leftovers can be served cold for the next entry. Recommended wines: one red wine (the choice is the best!)


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