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7 Fruit Soup

Easy / Cheap
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(2 persons)

- 1 banana.
- 1/8 apple.
- 5 red grapes.
- 5 green grapes.
- 15 raspberries.
- 10 strawberries.
- 1 plum.
- 4 ripe.
- optional: hazelnuts.


. In a bowl, cut the bananas into slices. Crush washers for mashed .

1/4 Peel the apple and cut in about half. Cut off small pieces obtained .

Add to mashed banana .

Remove the skin of the grapes (if you get stuck let skin!). Crush the seeds without removing the seeds. Add them to the mixture .

Same with green grapes .

Crush the raspberries retaining the grains. Mix with the already prepared porridge .

Equeutter strawberries, crushed and put them with the rest come prepared .

Remove the core of plum. Cut into pieces trying to remove the skin. Do the same as at other times, add to mashed .
Crush blackberries and mix with the soup .
For a crunchy effect, add crushed hazelnuts..s .

Remarks: You can vary the fruit. Recommended wines: None at the moment ...


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