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A Christmas ice cream

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(6 persons)

For ice base :.
- 100 g of fine sugar.
- 25 cl whole milk.
- 25 cl cream.
- 2 teaspoons vanilla extract.
- 1 pinch of salt.

Christmas ingredients.
- 1 handful of candied orange.
- 1 handful of raisins marinated in Armagnac.
- 20 g of almond paste.
- 1 pinch cinnamon.


The attraction of this ice is to restore the Norwegian Christmas flavors in a frozen dessert .
Prepare an ice cream base by following this recipe. Basic ice cream, then add the ice cream maker in the candied orange peel pieces finely chopped (not to damage the blades of the machine) and small pieces of marzipan, raisins and cinnamon . (And other spices if you wish) .

Leave to ice and serve with caramel sauce and a small Scandinavian frosted cinnamon .


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