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A meringue with raspberry (without cooking)

Very easy / Cheap
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(6 persons)

- 500 g meringue.
- 300 g heavy cream.
- 500g frozen raspberries (imperative).
- a transparent bowl (for effect).


A Prepare 4 hours in advance .
coarsely crush the meringue into small pieces .
Whip the cream.. fresh whipped cream .

out raspberries at the time of preparation .

Take the bowl, put the bottom of the crushed meringue then spread frozen raspberries . Add whipped cream and alternate these ingredients in this order there, then finish with meringue .

The bowl in a corner and especially not in the refrigerator. Indeed, raspberries thawing will give freshness to the dish .

Notes: fast and very light recipe after a heavy meal. Recommended wines: Crémant


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