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(6 persons)

- 250 g of salt cod.
- 1 bouquet garni (thyme, bay leaf).
- 4 spring onions (scallions or chives).
- 1 onion.
- 2 sprigs of parsley.
- 1 frying oil.
- 150 g flour.
- 10 cl cooled boiled milk or milk 5 cl + 5 ml water.
- 2 eggs.
- chilli powder (a pinch).
- 1/2 teaspoon baking powder.


Prà © paration of the recipe:
Prà © paration cod.
Desalination cod in a large quantity © water, change water very often during 4 hours minimum.

Bake cod broth with bouquet garni about 20 min.

Cumer à ‰, à © drip, remove arêtes and à © mietter a plate cod still lukewarm (easier than doing it when cold). .
Prà © paration of the dough.
Make a well with the flour, place the salt, pepper, baking powder and allspice.

Incorporate at the eggs, then milk by working the dough with the fingers to obtain a PRA © homogène preparation, a little soft.

à ‰ mincer very small onion, chives, parsley and add them at the dough.

Cover with a cloth and wait 1 hour the dough swells you a little. .
Finishing and cooking.
Stir gently cod at the dough.

Prev© lifting the dough by spoonful © e à © coffee and dive into the boiling oil.

Back when cooking, like a donut, remove when the fritters are well gilded © s.

Dà © lay on paper towels, continue opà © à © ration until exhaustion of the dough.

Serve either the APA or as ritif © e © entry (the s © fritters accompanied by a green salad and crudità © s) .

Notes: Serve with a sauce or mayonnaise rougaille in which we will préssé few drops of green lemons.


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