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Abuelita Querida (goat cheese and chorizo ​​tapas)

Very easy / Cheap
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(6 persons)

- 1 package corn cakes (tortillas).
- 200 g fresh goat cheese log or (remove the crust).
- 1 chorizo ​​(hard or not according to taste).
- 1 bunch fresh basil.
- 1 salad.
- 20 cl heavy cream.


Cut the chorizo ​​into small pieces, not too fine .
Mix the goat cheese with the cream .
Add the chorizo ​​and mix well.

If the consistency of the mixture is too hard, add a little cream. Attention, it is not necessary that the mixture is liquid!

Then cut the wafers, so that they have roughly the shape of a rectangle. (The top is usually sufficient)

Arrange the sliced ​​salad, basil, mix cheese / chorizo ​​in the center of the cake .

Then Roll so as to have a sausage and cut small sections .


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