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Accompanying vegetable spring rolls

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(4 rolls)

- 5 or 6 large lettuce leaves.
- about 1/4 cucumber.
- 2 carrots very tender.
- 20 fresh mint leaves.
- 1 small glass of nuoc mam.


Wash and pat the leaves of laiitue;. let whole .
Wash and pat the cucumber. cut it into very thin slices; re-cut them in half .
Scrape the carrots. wash them, pat them; cut into thin slices; Wash and pat mint; chop it .
Arrange all these elements on a small oval dish. serve with egg rolls and fish sauce sauce: each envelop its roller in one or two large lettuce leaves by adding a piece of cucumber, a slice of carrot and mint leaves and dip all in the cut nuoc mam .

Notes: To support egg rolls!


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