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Agua de Valencia (Spain)

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(3 liter)

- 1 bottle of Vouvray or Saumur.
- 1 25 cl glass of gin or vodka.
- 1/2 glass 43 (Spanish liquor) or Cointreau.
- 2 liters of orange juice (good quality).
- powdered sugar.
- ice.


Nothing more simple: pour into a large bowl bottle of Vouvray, the gin, then 43, and orange juice .
Here, I advise you to try, because the quality of orange juice will determine whether or not sugar ... So we taste!

And whether sugar careful because the chemical reaction is pretty funny, cocktail !! starts to foam

Then added the ice for refreshing .

I advise you to look for, and find the 43 because it is much better than with Cointreau ..

Notes: This is a specialty of the region of Valencia.


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