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Agua limon (Spanish drink)

Very easy / Cheap
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(2 liters)

- 3 big juicy lemons.
- 300 g of powdered sugar.
- 2 liters of water.


Grate the rind of 3 lemons in a pot (leave the white skin) and press the juice, add water and let stand 3 hours .
After this time otez half the liquid and reserve it .
. In half remained in the pan, add the sugar and melt over medium heat, remove from heat as soon as first boil .

Replace the other half of the liquid and let cool .

Filter all in a container that can go in the freezer after two hour stir with a fork, then every half hour until consistency of thick soup .

Serve in tall glasses with a spoon .

Notes: Long to prepare, but on a hot summer day so refreshing.


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