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Aiguillettes filet mignon with herbs

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(3 people)

- 500 g Pork tenderloin.
- fresh herbs.
- 2 egg whites.


Cut your filet mignon in the lengthwise, 6 pieces of approximately equal length .
denervate the tenderloin..

Cut into pieces of about 7-8 centimeters (when cooking the lanyard will melt and lose their mass 50/100) .

In two separate cups, put in one of the herbs in the other two egg whites .

Dip the duck in white and then in the herbs and set aside .

Once everything has been cut, fry in a pan with oil. .
CAUTION: Avoid butter and margarine Cella will lose the taste of the meat.

Notes: If you prepare the duck the day ahead, prepare a teriaky sauce based marinade to viandox or worschester sauce. Recommended wines: wine Dew


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