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Aioli sauce digestible

Very easy / Cheap
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(6 persons)

- 6 cloves of garlic.
- 2 egg yolks.
- 2 slices of bread moistened with milk.
- olive oil.
- sunflower oil.
- salt, pepper.


Reduce the garlic mashed .
Add egg yolks and bread slices crumbled. Salt and pepper .

intimately Mix everything together and gradually add the oil while stirring continuously, for the consistency of mayonnaise .

Allow to cool until when pla .

Notes: The moistened bread crumbs in milk allows the sauce to be easier to digest. I put two different oil as the only olive oil can be too bitter it is a question of goût.Je did not put either the quantities of oil for it is visibly and desired consistency by each one judges the cl oil! Enjoy!


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