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Almond cookies and pine nuts

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(6 persons)

- 250 g of almonds.
- 230 g caster sugar with a sachet of vanilla sugar.
- 50 g sprockets.
- 20 g flour.
- 90 g of water.
- 2 egg whites.
- a pinch of salt.


Mix the almond powder sugar and flour. Add water and mix .

Summarily Add the beaten egg whites and slightly salty. Mix .

Heat 1 minute in the microwave .

Like dumplings with 2 teaspoons of 4 to 5 cm in diameter on a non- adhesive. Cover with some pinions .

Cook 9 min in an oven heated to the thermostat 6-7, 200 ° C (the curing is effected as soon as the edges close to the plate change color.

Let cool before removing from the plate .

Notes: If it's cooked dish with non-stick diameter 28 cm, allow 3 cuissons.Pour those who do not plan to, cover the melted 70% chocolate cookies adds a balance less sweet and slightly bitter .


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