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Almond fig jam

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(3 kg of figs)

- 3 kg of figs.
- 2.5 kg of crystal sugar.
- vanilla flavor (2 teaspoons).
- 1 lemon juice.
- 200g almond powder.
- 500 g flaked almonds.


Place the figs in water, cut into 4 or 8 depending on the size of the figs and place in a large pot .. Add
. sugar, lemon juice and vanilla .

Marinate 24 .

Add the almonds and cook over low heat 1:30 .

the end of cooking add the almonds and wait for the recovery of small bubbling .

You can put your jam jars!
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Notes: Putting out the fire jam jar, close and return to the pot (up cooling): You do not need paraffin, heat sterilized pot and cap!


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