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Almond nougatine

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(4 people)

- 300 g flour.
- 280 g of sugar.
- 80 g of butter.
- 175g candied cherry.
- 100 g flaked almonds.
- 60 g butter.
- cream.
- water.


. In order to sweet dough (1):.
Mix 300 g flour, 80 g butter and 80 g sugar .

nougatine (2):.
In a saucepan put soft 200g sucre.Remuer with a wooden spatula. Wait until it turns into caramel (dark brown) add 60 g of butter and a large dollop of fresh cream. Wait until it boils.
. In a trim cut a box of candied cherries into small dice. Add them to the mixture. Then add 100g of almonds.

Mix everything .

Roll out the sweet dough (1) on a rectangular baking sheet. Pour the nougatine (2) on the sweet dough .

Your preparation Bake for 15 to 20 min .

Once cooked, to break the rectangular plate to obtain small pieces .

Notes: Enjoy after a meal with a coffee!


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