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Alsatian punch MamYvonne

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(10 people)

- 1 bottle of Gewurztraminer.
- 1 bottle of Crémant d'Alsace (in the absence of Burgundy).
- 4 lemons.
- 30 sugar cubes.
- 1 bottle of sparkling water.


The day before, mix in a large container bottle Gewurtzaminer, lemons sliced ​​and 30 sugar cubes .
Chill all. night .

Before serving, remix (a little sugar have remained at the bottom) and add the Crémant and sparkling water .

Mix gently so as not to "break" the bubbles .
Serve very cool !!!
(tip:... to also Crémant and sparkling water fees before ...)

Notes: Serve as an aperitif, well chilled in a glass wide enough to put a slice of lemon ... NDChef: Attention, this drink is a traitor and should be drunk alone ... You may put the lemonade instead of soda water + sugar.


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