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Amuse mouth hyper light

Very easy / Cheap
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(6 persons)

- 1 can of pineapple in syrup 25 cl.
- 100 g of cooked shrimp.
- 2 g of agar powder or 2 sheets of gelatin.


Soak gelatin in pineapple juice.

Shell shrimp .

Cut into 2 or 3 pieces, set aside in a container .

Cut the slices pineapple into 8 or 10 pieces, set aside in a container .

Heat the pineapple juice with gelatin or agar agar .

Take silicone molds for small tarts, put a piece of shrimp and a piece of pineapple .

Fill the juice .

Let set in refrigerator for 2 h .

Serve as an appetizer .

Notes: For all those who care about their online and love to receive. Feast without missing.


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