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AnchoIade camarguaise

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- 200 g anchovy fillets in brine or failing to olive oil (you can also use whole anchovies, but it takes time to prepare and it is difficult to remove the bones).
- a tablespoon of wine vinegar.
- about a quarter of a liter of olive oil.
- a clove of garlic or 2.
- crumbs 50 g of bread, moist and well drained.
- pepper, herbs.


With a blender, chop the anchovies cut into pieces (rinse fillets if they are in brine, drain them if in oil) with garlic previously passed Parsley mill, vinegar and bread crumbs, so make an ointment .

Add back the oil in small quantities at a time, mixing between additions. Anchoïade must be a smooth and 'take' as a mayonnaise without exudate oil is why we must pour the oil slowly .
This provides a sort of ointment very firm .
If eaten on bread campaign or lightly toasted focaccia, accompanied by CRUS vegetables. carrots into sticks, cauliflower florets flower branches celery, small artichokes, tomatoes, zucchini small, tender fennel. We can also serve with boiled eggs .

Notes: Can be done the day before. Can use as an aperitif or for a buffet campagnard.Les Collioures anchovies are the most savoureux.Une of anchovy nuts (if any remain) on a grilled steak is delicious !! Recommended wines:: Listel Blanc or Blanc Cassis


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