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Anchovies in vinegar

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(6 persons)

- 1 kg of fresh anchovies (not too small).
- 1 liter of white vinegar.
- chopped parsley.
- 1 lemon.
- garlic.
- Olive oil.


Clean the anchovies by cutting heads, remove the guts with your finger gently scraping the edge and separate the two nets .. If
. nets are hard to take off the edge, under a separate tap. Put them to drain in a colander .

Take a bowl, lengthen nets neatly arranged side by side in a thickness in the same direction then cross the other way, and so on until 'exhausted anchovies .

Fill with white vinegar, refrigerate (this is the vinegar that the' cooked '). Counting a cool night .

When the anchovies are ready, gently rinse in cold water, drain and place on paper towels until prepare ..

Chop the parsley and garlic (the amount is a matter of taste following we like statement where not). You can also put a little spice .

Anchovies are then put back into the bowl and for the first time, with vinegar and garlic and parsley mixture between each row until all anchovies .

Cover with olive oil and marinate for twelve hours .

Notes: agéable summer to drink anyway anchovies are fatter summer and will be softer prepared in this way. Recommended wines:: mulled wine aperitif


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