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Anchovies with parsley

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(8 people)

- 1 kg of anchovies.
- 1 L of white vinegar.
- garlic.
- parsley.
- 2 tablespoon of olive oil.
- salt.


Clean the anchovies, opening them in 2, and removing the edge. The go under water, and drain .

Store in a glass dish, layered salting generously.

Cover with vinegar and marinate for 24 h.au fees .

The next day, rinse, then put them back in layers, a container with lid. .
Sprinkle each layer of the mixture: garlic, chopped parsley.

Then cover with olive oil .

At appéro, input with tomatoes, on pizzas etc .

Notes: These anchovies prepared in this way are less dry than the commercial preparations. Be careful however, not to exceed maceration time!


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