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Anchovies with parsley moulines

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(10 people)

- 1/2 or 125 g jar of anchovies in olive oil.
- 1 full head of garlic.
- 1 curly parsley.
- 1 glass of olive oil wine.
- 15 small slices of wholemeal bread or nut bread.


.. In your food processor, place anchovies, garlic, parsley, throwing everything fine .
Put this preparation in a box with a lid and cover the preparation of olive oil, stir and add the olive oil if necessary, the preparation should be covered with oil, marinate in refrigerator at least 24 hours, remove the 1/2 hour preparation before served with slices of wholemeal bread or walnut bread .

Notes: The more we let marinate, the more flavor parsley and garlic will be felt, if you still have to prepare with your aperitif add olive oil and put in the fridge, this preparation is easily 2 months in custody refrigerator. Recommended wines: champagne - sparkling wine or dry white wine Buget


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