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Angel hair jam

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(5 pots)

- 1 spaghetti squash of about 1 kg.
- 750 g jam sugar (or regular sugar with Vitpris).
- 1 cinnamon stick.
- 1/2 vanilla bean.
- 5 cl orange juice.


Cook the whole steamed squash (about 1 hour).
. In order to find out if it is cooked, pierce the shell with a knife, it must penetrate fairly easily (once crossing hull) .
Open squash in half and remove the maximum of flesh, drawing the fibers with a fork.

Weigh the flesh, then place in a saucepan or Dutch oven.

Add sugar .

Add orange juice, cinnamon stick and 1/2 vanilla bean split in two.

Cook over high heat, stirring often, until 104-105 ° C (gelling). Remove the cinnamon stick and vanilla and put in jars after having scalded. let cool.

Note: Wait approximately one week before the taste, the spices will be developed ... Excellent for filling in pastry muffins or buns. This is also used to jam garnish ensaimadas (buns Spanish ...)


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