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Antillaises Lenses

Easy / Cheap
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(4 people)

- 250 g of green lentils.
- 200 ml coconut milk box.
- 200 g of crushed tomatoes.
- 2 yellow onions.
- 100 g smoked bacon.
- 2 tablespoons of powder colombo (or masala).


Beforehand, soak the lentils in cold water (about one hour) .
more you soak more time. cooking decreases .

Fry in oil sliced ​​onions and bacon .

When the onions begin to brown add a tablespoon colombo powder and a little coconut milk .

Leave come back a few minutes

Add the tomatoes, coconut milk, the rest of colombo , stir then add lentils .

Let simmer for about 1 hour by adding As a little water (approximately 50 ounces of water) .. < br />
Taste and add cooking time .

Note: You can replace the lenses with red beans and bacon with ground meat and you will get a West Indian chili.


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