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Apple Chips

Very easy / Cheap
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(4 people)

- 8 apples.
- powdered sugar.
- water.
- 1/2 lemon.


Make a syrup with 250 g of sugar per 50 ounces of water, leave well dissolve the sugar .
Cool the syrup and add the. juice of half lemon to prevent apples from darkening .

Cut apples into thin slices and regularly keeping the core .

Dip apple slices in syrup and lay the slices on parchment paper .
Bake (thermostat 3/4 - less than 100 ° C). and allow to dry apple slices .. < br />
Can be done with all kinds of apples or pears .

Then we can keep long in a tin .

Notes: If you're a foodie, you can soak them in part in melted dark chocolate (it is super good with pears!).


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