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Couscous Chicken merguez easy

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(6 persons)

- 8 chicken drumsticks (preferably the farmer).
- 12 merguez.
- olive oil.
- 2 tomato paste cans.
- 3 tablespoons spices for couscous.
- 1 teaspoon harissa.
- 2 beef bouillon cubes.
- 3 large tomatoes.
- 10 small turnips.
- 5 beautiful carrots.
- 2 courgettes.
- 400 g chickpeas.


Wash and peel the carrots, turnips and tomatoes and cut into cubes.
. In a pressure cooker, pour 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Put to heat and let brown the chicken drumsticks. When they are golden, pour the equivalent of 1 liter of water and add the beef stock cubes, tomato paste, carrots, turnips and tomatoes, couscous and harissa spices.

Close the pressure cooker and a 25 minutes cooking once it is mounted in pressure.

Meanwhile, wash and cut zucchini into cubes and drain the chickpeas.

After 25 minutes passed, exhaust the steam pressure cooker, open and add zucchini and chickpeas. .
Return fire: Count 10 minutes cooking once your pressure cooker under pressure.

Cook your sausages on a grill or pan,but not with the vegetables.

Serve with fine semolina .

Notes: This dish is even better if you prepare it the night before because all the ingredients are impregnated many spices. On the day, it's not running, you just have to warm !!! Recommended wines:: Rosé Wine White or Gray


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