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Delicious potato Sunday

Easy / Cheap
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(4 people)

- 4 large potatoes (desired amount).
- a knob of butter.
- 10 cl cream (or not according to taste).
- 150 g (1 bag) grated cheese.
- goat or blue cheese (to taste).
- Salt and pepper.


Take the potatoes and cook them in the oven for 1 hour .
Fully empty into a purée (keep the skin).. Put it in a pan with butter, any cream, salt and pepper and grated cheese .

Fill the potato puree this. Add, according to his tastes a piece of goat or roquefort in each potato (this is what makes the charm). Add the grated cheese to give the gratin .
Bake (grill) for 15 min .

Bon appetite .

Notes: Goes well with a meat fondue, red meat barbecued skewers ... Accompany possibly a salade.Mes friends ask me constantly the recipe. Recommended wines: red wine (Cahors example)


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