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Dijon Pork Roast

Easy / Cheap
Prep time:
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(6 persons)

- 1 roast pork 600 grams.
- 3/4 garlic cloves.
- strong Dijon mustard (quantity to taste).
- 10 small shallots.
- salt and pepper.
- cream (light, if you prefer).


Prick the roast small garlic cloves cut into two or three, depending on size .
In a casserole, brown the few minute in. butter on all sides. Add salt and pepper .

When it is colored, remove from the pan and brush with mustard, then put cooked with shallots, cover and simmer over low heat for + / - 1:30, turning occasionally .
Add water regularly, since all the liquid is evaporated
.. After this time.. , remove the roast and shallots, then adjusting the sauce if necessary (with salt and pepper), then add sour cream to taste .

Cut the roast into slices and serve topped sauce and accompanied by small whole shallots .


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