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Pasta with vegetables and cream

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(4 people)

- 500 g pasta (spaghetti or tagliatelle).
- 2 bell peppers (red and yellow means).
- 2 zucchini (small).
- 1 can of mushrooms.
- 1 onion.
- 1 bunch parsley.
- 25 cl fresh cream.
- 3 teaspoons of cornstarch.
- 10 g of butter.


Wash and drain the peppers, cut into thin strips. Wash and cut the zucchini into thin slices. Chop the onion, chop parsley and drain the mushrooms .
. In a saucepan, melt the butter, add the vegetables and cornstarch. Fry until it feels good (about 5 min) .

Reduce heat and add the cream. Season with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg .

Simmer about 10 minutes, covered, stirring occasionally .
. During
this time, cook the pasta .

When all this is ready, mix the vegetable sauce with pasta and serve immediately .
. In order to those that can not happen cheese with pasta, they can put in, but I think it cuts the taste of the sauce .

And good appetite !!!


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