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Tomatoes provencal

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(4 people)

- Some round tomatoes (the number of tomatoes depends on the size of the pan).
- 1 bunch parsley.
- garlic cloves.
- of the stale or toasted bread crumbs.
- olive oil.
- salt and pepper.


Is removed the stem of each tomato, cut in the middle and put the skin side tightened in the pan. On the dirty generously pepper is as we like .
. We
menu and ax together the parsley, the garlic stripped of their skin and their central part indigestible and crumbs stale bread (or toasted bread slice) .

A spoon, the mixture is deposited by crushing a little. Too bad if it falls into the tomatoes .

Olive oil is sprinkled over the tomatoes and next. Is started hot cooking, we lower the heat and cover allowed .

Is cooked when a knife is inserted in the middle tomatoes .

Notes: This is good reheated! Recommended wines:: Rosé de Provence


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