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Vegetarian lasagne (easy)

Easy / Cheap
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(4 people)

- 6 fresh tomatoes (peeled or canned, failing).
- 4 or 5 courgettes.
- salt, pepper, fresh basil, herbes de Provence.
- lasagna.
- 400 g grated cheese.
- 200 g tomato coulis.
- 4 medium onions.
- 50 cl of bechamel or (if you hurry) thick or semi-thick cream.


Prà © paration of the recipe:
If using onions, fry them (in a skillet or wok) until they are melting
Cut the tomatoes, add them to the onions and simmer with herbs (do not hà © sitez!), salt and pepper .

Cut the courgettes then stir -The mà © lange .. at

Add tomato sauce (or tomato mashed © e, à © dà must) and 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar © (more in winter, when tomatoes are more bland) .

Simmer Overall, about 20 minutes, over medium heat .
. Once
mà © lange ready, PROCA © dez à stacking in a large dish.
1 layer of lasagna, layer 1 Prà © paration, 1 bà © chamel layer, layer 1 gruyà Re, and so on (by adding a little salt at a time), putting a lot of Gruyère on the last layer .

Bake at hot oven (thermostat 7-200° C), 35 minutes

Serve when it is gratinà © .

Notes: You can add carottes.Les onions are not indispensable, but they add to the flux consistance.Personnellement I sometimes replaces the last layer of cheese by the county. Recommended wines:: Burgundy red light


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